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Counseling and Coaching.

Kimberly Hooss, M.Ed., LMHC, NCC

Thanks for stopping by my page. Reaching out for support can often be the most difficult step- so congratulations on taking that step and being proactive about your mental health. Whether  you have been in therapy before or this is your first time, I trust that the process can work for you.

The process of therapy can appear enigmatic and daunting to many. As a therapist, my primary function is to aid and guide individuals through this journey, recognizing that it may manifest in various ways depending on the person. Frequently, facing and addressing our fears head-on can shift our outlook and provide an opportunity to reconstruct our narrative. My firm conviction is that every person possesses a natural intelligence, wisdom, and capacity for self-healing when given the proper environment.

Therapy can help in many ways…

Through therapy, we can tackle various aspects of our well-being, such as managing symptoms, understanding our thoughts and emotions, honing our relational abilities, and processing traumatic experiences. By exploring these facets, we are able to discover fresh perspectives about ourselves, cultivating a stronger sense of self and identifying and embracing our needs, values and goals. Ultimately, it can help to enrich and deepen our life narratives.

As a practitioner, I provide my services to adult individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, immigrant status, or socio-economic background. I offer support and treatment for a range of concerns, including trauma, anxiety and mood disorders, grief and loss, communication and relationship challenges, issues surrounding identity, stress, career development, transitions throughout different phases of life, and matters related to women's well-being.

My perspective is grounded in a holistic, developmental, and strengths-based approach, while also being culturally competent. I employ a range of modalities, including emotion-focused, mindfulness, and somatic approaches, as well as ACT and family systems theories. My approach to treatment is collaborative and highly personalized. I offer a diverse set of services, with the aim of guiding each individual towards their unique path to achieving optimal health and wellbeing.



Hi, I’m Kim. I am a yoga teacher and mental health counselor. I currently hold a LMHC license in the state of Washington. I received my M.Ed. in Clinical Counseling and Family Therapy from the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Prior to that I completed training in family systems and couples counseling at Antioch University in Seattle and studied research psychology at the University of Memphis. I currently work in Seattle, WA in private practice supporting individuals in their growth process. I am passionate about family, wilderness, good food and having fun. 


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